The story behind Slobbr, is perhaps, just as important as why we are here today.  The vision of Slobbr has been almost 8 years in the making when co-founder, Michelle Fournier, first opened her brick & mortar doggie boutique, Durty Harry's, in Charlestown Mass back in 2010. 

"Customers would come to me day in and day out with the same questions. 'Where are the best local dog parks?' 'We want to take Ernie to the Cape with us this summer, where should we stay and what beaches are dog friendly?' 'We're moving to Chicago and where are we going to get Bugsy groomed when we get there?'  I figured that this type of resource for all things dogs must exist so I went looking. 

It turns out, it didn't exist.  So we set out to fill this void and created Slobbr. 

Slobbr is now available to download in iTunes.  We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and get you Slobbring!